Happy Gardens at Fort Worth Herb Festival – another successful year.

May 22, 2011

The day before the festival is always very hectic. Preparations, preparation, preparations…  The excitement before the big day. Pulling and tagging the plants, making sure the signage is ready, getting plant and landscape portfolio ready. But most importantly getting ready for another fun day filled with lots of interaction –  questions, comments and networking. 

Happy Gardens at Fort Worth Herb Festival

Happy Gardens at Fort Worth Herb Festival

We love exhibiting at Fort Worth Herb Festival because it is full of the things we love – plants and gardeners. The interaction comes naturally. Visitors stop by and look around. You can tell they like what have to offer but perhaps are a little overwhelmed with the choice. Unsure if the plants they like will do well in the chosen spot. It is easy to connect when we talk about things we enjoy. Native and well adapted plants are what we know and love. Pointing unsure  gardeners in the right direction comes naturally.  There is no need for thank-yous – the satisfaction of seeing someone walk away with a smile on their face, confident in their plant choice is all the gratification we need. And then there are these moments when you meet with people you had met at last year’s festival. What a joy.  To know they remember you and are happy to be back again.

A few of the plants we offered.

A few of the plants we offered.

 We enjoy this interaction and the connection we make with others that share our love for organic landscaping that enriches our lives and creates the outdoor living spaces that are filled with color, texture and wildlife. So don’t be a stranger. Sign up for our email newsletter, subscribe to our blog, visit our www.happygardens.net website for updates, add your photos to our Virtual Community Garden Gallery. We want you to keep in touch in whatever way you prefer. And see you next year at Fort Worth Herb Festival!

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